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WKD--Canvas Flexible Duct Connector



Standard Length

30 Metres per roll


150 , 190 ,  250,300,350,400mm


1.0-2.0 mm

Fire Resistance


Working Temperature

Normal Temperature

Working Pressure




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Products Info

It is a sturdy woven fabric, heavily coated on both sides with canvas. It is supplied in 30m(100ft) coils of fabric joined on both sides to galvanized steel, or as a fabric oly for special applications.

It is an inexpensive material which can be used  in heating, airconditioning and ventilating systems on both warm and cool sides of duct.


Base Fabric: Woven Faberglass
Working Temperature: Normal Temperature
Working Pressure::≥2Pa
Width: 250mm,300mm,350mm,400mm

Brief Introduction of QuickDuct Duct Connector

QuickDuct duct connector is a sort of soft connector made of galvanized steel sheets and fabric, used to connect two hard ducts, which is simple and convenient. You can fix them tightly by autoattack screws or rivets, as long as you bend the galvanized steel sheet in advance, while another way of connecting is welding. However, this kind of soft connector is stable and economical, which meets requirements of most fittings.

The 2nd generation of QuickDuct duct connector was developed after R&D Department’s negotiation with esteemed clients, that’s why GeTech could meet client’s requirements with products of top quality.

There are five sorts of fabrics availabe for QucikDuct duct connector: Grade A fire-resistant, silicon resin, fluoro resin, composite rubber and canvas. Each kind of fabric is with its separate quality and special function.

High Temperature Resistant & Non-Combustible Duct Connector (Soft Connector)

The soft connector in fire-fighting exhausting system is often neglected. In most cases, it is made of canvas or plastic, which would easily split, be carbonized or melted under 280?, and finally results in the breakdown of the whole system. This is indeed a serious hidden trouble in fire-fighting system, which should be resolved.

The National Regulation of Fire-Fighting: Item GB—J16—87 & Item B50045—95
Smoke Exhausting Fan should be capable of working 30 minutes continually, under 280?
Smoke-exhausting duct should be made of non-combustible materials.

The national regulations of quality check for air-exhausting and air-conditioning projects: Item GB 50243—2002
The soft duct of smoke exhausting system should be made of non-combustible materials.

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